The Most Effective Ways To Get Your Ex Back

In just 1 hour, you will learn the true reasons why the breakup happened, and what you should do right now to get your ex back:
2. Tell me your story
Before the consultation, I will send you a time-tested set of questions about your situation.
Drop me a message on WhatsApp or Telegram - my assistant will then send you all the details you need, including available time slots
1. Schedule a chat with me
We'll have a one-on-one WhatsApp or Telegram call. Every situation has unique aspects that can be explored in order to get faster results. You will have the chance to ask your questions, too.
3. Provide deeper insight

7 Quick Steps To Get Your Ex Back

After the consultation, you can send me up to five additional questions.
4. Receive a tactical plan
I will then send you a voice message with my conclusion and a tactical plan.
6. Execute the plan
You're going to get the situation under control. The anxiety and worry will go away.
If you think your ex is ready to get back to you, send me a message so we can double-check their emotional stance. The most common mistake is to stop the ignoring process too early.
7. Get your ex back
5. Send me your questions
How Can You Stop Worrying and Reestablish a Successful Relationship?
S. Smith is a relationship psychology tactician, an apologist of finding solutions to complex problems that you can test in a matter of weeks or even days - and observe the results. An independent researcher and practitioner.

"'Every single day of our life we must strive to become stronger. Our attractiveness will be a mere side-effect of this struggle"
- S. Smith

Premium Consulting Services

The effective measures to get your ex back
Headshot of a relationship consultant, mr. Smith, from the shoulders up
Online Consultation
  • Comprehensive experience. Only one personal consultation is required to get your ex back
  • I will analyze your story and ask clarifying questions on 1 to 1 call
  • I will send you a voice message with the most precise recommendations on how to get your ex back
  • You will be able to send me up to 5 follow-up questions for FREE
  • You will never experience a painful breakup again
Virtual consultation package named 'how to get your ex back' which includes video modules and a pdf instruction
Virtual Consultation
  • 1-hour virtual consultation, which describes effective ways to get your ex back
  • My personal answers for up to 3 of your follow-up questions - in a voice message
  • 8 video modules covering all major topics
  • Handy PDF with the main tactical tips
  • Podcast version of the virtual consultation
  • The best option if you need professional help, but can't wait for the personal consultation (I'm overbooked right now)
Phone with a whatsapp opened showing online chat with a relationship consultant, mr. Smith
Online Chat Support

This service is currently unavailable

  • VIP Service - 3 months of online support - send me your questions regarding your ex's behavior in real-time
  • Especially useful if you can't stop interactions with your ex (work/study/kids)
  • Includes one online consultation
  • You'll also get the virtual consultation for FREE
  • The ultimate option if you think you need my help on a daily basis
  • Attention: the online support spots are extremely limited in quantity

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  • Do you work with divorces?
    Yes, 45 percent of total cases are divorces, and 32 percent include complex situations involving kids.
  • How can I schedule a consultation?
    Just drop me a message on WhatsApp or Telegram, my assistant will send you all the necessary information
  • Do you help both men and women?
    Yes, of course.
  • Do you coach pickup techniques?
    I used to. But currently - no.
  • I got my ex back, but after a few weeks lost interest. Why?
    It's normal. In fact, most of my clients who get their exes back eventually understand that they do not need this particular relationship.
  • After many years of experience, in my opinion, there are no unique cases, and yes, you can get them back.
    It's physical. You had a hormonal connection with your ex. It's normal. The pain will go away eventually. And this happens quicker once you've understood the true reasons why they left you and what you need to do to get them back.
  • I don't want to get my ex back, I want to learn more about relationships.
    The consultation will help you understand what went wrong in your past experiences so you will never repeat the old mistakes again, which is a must have for establishing a stable relationship.
  • The consultation is too expensive for me.
    The price of the consultation is defined by its top quality and a high demand. The good news is: you won't really need to spend more money on other resources. So ultimately you'll save cash.

Improve your expertise

Some of the videos from my private coaching groups
How To Determine The Probability Of Getting Your Ex Back (13 factors In 7 Minutes)
How To Use No Contact In The MOST Efficient Way (10 Factors in 9 Minutes)

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We're doing a couple of free consultations each month
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Real-life relationship stories analysis podcast

In this series, I am discussing real relationship stories my assistant finds on the internet so you can learn how to effectively act during such situations as conflicts, breakups, or even divorces. What's most important, so you can learn how to prevent them.
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