Finally, a Breakthrough Strategy For Rapid Post-Breakup Recovery

So You Can Confidently Move On or Swiftly Rekindle the Flame

...and Receive a Complimentary Evaluation of Your Situation Upfront
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Experienced and Endorsed by 1k+ Happy Individuals (2023)
Only 8 Slots Available Monthly
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Yes, I'm Ready to Fast-track My Relationship Goal!
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Finally, a Breakthrough Strategy For Rapid Post-Breakup Recovery

So You Can Confidently Move On or Swiftly Rekindle the Flame

...and Receive a Complimentary Evaluation of Your Situation Upfront
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Experienced and Endorsed by 1k+ Happy Individuals (2023)
Only 8 Slots Available Monthly
An image of 5 golden stars
Yes, I'm Ready to Fast-track My Relationship Goal!
You do not have time for heartbreak
You're destined for greater achievements
Unlock the Outstanding Results My Clients Are Experiencing Now
...Without Wasting Time and Money on Endless Coaching Sessions
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Confidently Revive Your Relationship: Take advantage of world-class reconciliation techniques to rebuild trust and reignite passion, steering your partnership towards the future you envision

Effortlessly Break Through Communication Barriers: Navigate challenges with your partner, even when they appear unresponsive or dismissive, using my "peek into their mind" approach, all while staying true to yourself

Discover Your Relationship's True Path: Achieve 100% understanding of your relationship's past and present, so you can predict its future, drawing from my actionable insights to guide your next steps

Bridge the Distance with Ease: Know exactly how to forge an unbreakable bond with your long-distance partner, ensuring intimacy despite the miles apart

Swiftly Resolve Conflicts: Master the technique of resolving relationship conflicts in as little as 2 minutes...leveraging intuitive psychological principles that will feel second nature to you
For those who want to rekindle the spark and build upon a balanced foundation, ensuring your relationship stands as strong as a castle against any storm
Plus, what's even more important
Uncover the Truth Behind Recovery Missteps: Understand why common recovery methods, like the "no contact" rule, "magic phrases", or coaching, haven't delivered the expected results
For Those Who Wish to Move On and Leave Post-Breakup Pain Behind
...Without Neck-Wrenching Efforts or Endless Nights Ruminating on What Went Wrong
Break Free, Once and For All: Boldly release the shackles of the past relationship, find closure, and forget about resisting urges to reach out or cyber-stalk your ex - saving you months of heartache

Feel Better Today, Not Tomorrow: Experience a dramatic reduction in post-breakup stress and emotional turmoil, with most clients reporting long-lasting relief after just our first chat

Revive Yourself and Unearth Your True Potential: Rebuild yourself, igniting your inner confidence and self-esteem, ensuring your future is as bright as it can be

Never Face Recovery Alone: With my guidance and extensive follow-ups, you'll always have an ally and be supported every step of the way
Take advantage of my proven rapid recovery blueprint to gracefully move beyond unhealthy relationships and pave the way for a revitalized, empowering future
A personal note: If you're currently in no contact, or using any other "go-to" recovery strategy, and don't feel significant improvements or still experience urges to cave and reach out, there's usually a single, very precise reason for that. Once tackled, your recovery accelerates. How do I know? Back in the day, I went through it myself.
For Those Navigating the Complexities of Interacting with an Ex
Transform Every Encounter, From Divorce Tables to Co-Parenting Moments and Office Exchanges, into Seamless, Stress-Free Interactions
Experience a New Era of Effortless Co-Parenting: Adopt specially crafted strategies to ensure smooth co-parenting, prioritizing both your well-being and that of your children

Decisively Neutralize Emotional Triggers: Learn techniques to remain calm and composed, preventing old wounds from reopening during encounters with an ex

Protect Your Peace During Legal Proceedings: Whether it's alimony, property division, or other legal matters, approach every situation with clarity, confidence, and a sense of justice

Seamlessly Merge Career and Past Connections: Maneuver the challenging intricacies when an ex-partner intertwines with your professional sphere, guaranteeing secure productivity and harmony
Tap into established methods to make every encounter with an ex feel as simple as any other conversation
Picture this:
Waking up and feeling like you've already won the day

Meeting all those big goals you've set, nailing them one by one

Transforming into an unyielding powerhouse that everyone admires and respects
...If you knew exactly how to turn things around, and then found yourself in a fulfilling relationship where your loving partner stands beside you, empowering and uplifting you, always having your back
For the past half-decade, I've dedicated my life to helping individuals across the globe mend their relationship crises.

My focus is on maximum impact in a single consultation, achieved through extensive experience and a dynamic, creative approach.

I specialize in the "no contact" method and various other relationship recovery strategies, dealing with even the most complex cases, including divorces.

Having spent years coaching entrepreneurs on a one-to-one basis, I have now broadened my reach by offering my services online.

I provide a variety of premium-level coaching options, including zoom and whatsapp sessions, email coaching, and much more.
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Together, we'll craft a personalized plan to get you on track, repair your relationship, reignite the flame of affection, and dispel any lingering anxieties.

The goal is not merely to overcome your current relationship challenges, but also to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary for future growth and personal development.

With Me as Your Coach And Relationship Confidant, We Can Kick-Start Your Recovery Today

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Savva Smith
Entrepreneur, Coach
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A world-class rapid post-breakup recovery program for high-value professionals and entrepreneurs
I am committed to crafting my ideal relationship
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I am committed to crafting my ideal relationship
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I am committed to crafting my ideal relationship
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  • Do you offer coaching for individuals going through a divorce?
    Yes, 45 percent of total cases are divorces, and 32 percent include complex situations involving kids.
  • What steps do I need to take to schedule a consultation?
    Simply complete the application form
  • Do you help both men and women?
    Yes, of course.
  • Do you coach pickup techniques?
    I used to. But currently - no.
  • I got my ex back, but after a few weeks lost interest. Why?
    It's normal. In fact, most of my clients who get their exes back eventually understand that they do not need this particular relationship.
  • Why do I still feel pain? Even after a long time.
    It's physical. You had a hormonal connection with your ex. It's normal. The pain will go away eventually. And this happens quicker once you've understood the true reasons why they left you and what you need to do to get them back.
  • I don't want to get my ex back, I want to learn more about relationships.
    The consultation will help you understand what went wrong in your past experiences so you will never repeat the old mistakes again, which is a must have for establishing a stable relationship.
  • Would you be able to guide me through implementing the no contact method?
    The approach will be tailored to your specific circumstances; I don't employ a one-size-fits-all strategy. That said, we frequently use the no contact method, along with its advanced variations.

Dive Deep into Time-Tested Strategies and Learn the Essential Wisdom to a Healthier Relationship

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