One Thing You MUST Do To Stop Thinking About Your EX

Savva Smith
Entrepreneur, Coach


Discover the Secret to Redirecting Your Thoughts and Building a Resilient Mindset Post-Breakup


You will learn:

A psychological phenomenon that might be hindering your recovery without you even realizing it, a concept deeply rooted in our perceptions and thoughts.
An unusual yet effective method for speeding up your healing process.
The common mistakes that slow down the recovery journey for many
Are you tired of endlessly cycling through memories of your ex, desperately trying to decode hidden messages in their social media posts, only to find yourself sinking deeper into despair? Ever wondered, "Why is this so hard? Why can't I just stop?" You're not alone, and there's a way out of this mind-numbing loop. Let's delve into this remarkable solution.

Restoring the power balance: your key to recovery

Athletic woman showcasing her strength and balance while performing a handstand in a circular motion
Your mind is a battlefield, and every thought of your ex seems to score another victory against your peace and happiness. It's a paradox: the more you struggle, the more power they seem to gain over you. The truth is, you've inadvertently stumbled into a mental spiral, increasing their value in your mind and making the recovery process even harder.

Now, let me share a little secret. This disbalance of power, this disparity of subjective value - it's reversible. If you're serious about recovery, about becoming attractive to them (if you want to get your ex back), or to someone else, it's time to restore balance. It's time to even the score. But how?

The first step to forget an ex

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You're not alone. Many have trodden this path before you. Men and women who have managed to regain their self-worth, shake off the anxiety, and move forward. They've leveraged a powerful strategy known as no contact. But the million-dollar question is, during no contact, how can we divert our thoughts away from the past?

What if I told you that this feeling, this constant nagging presence of your ex in your mind, is actually withdrawal? Yes, withdrawal, akin to battling an addiction. And as with any addiction, the key to breaking free lies in replacing it with another one - a healthier, more beneficial one.

Now, before you raise your eyebrows, let me explain.

Turning the tide: replacing one addiction with another

Stunning sunset desert scenery with an enduro motorcycle journeying through the sandy landscape
Imagine yourself learning to ride a motorbike, or hitting the mountain biking trails for the first time. Engaging in activities that demand your full attention not only diverts your mind but also provides bursts of dopamine – the "feel-good" hormone.

Personally, I'd suggest trying martial arts. The moment you step into the ring, your past becomes a blurry memory. You're right there, in the present moment, more vibrant and alive than ever. But if physical activity isn't an option, why not try video games? Studies show they can improve visual selective attention and several cognitive domains, such as working memory and cognitive flexibility.

In the end, the solution isn't meditation, talking, or coaching. The solution is action. Activities that command your undivided attention, captivate you, trigger a rush of dopamine, and above all, strengthen you. Because a personal crisis like a breakup can be one of the best opportunities for personal growth and resilience. You can do it.


Key Points

Treat your heartache like an addiction: you might not realize it, but your constant thoughts about your ex can be similar to withdrawal symptoms experienced in addiction
Embrace activities that demand your attention: whether it's learning a new sport, getting into martial arts, or even playing video games, engaging in tasks that require your full focus can be surprisingly therapeutic.