Why do you need to get your ex back?

One of the most important things we discuss during the consultations

A man and a woman who recovered their relationship after a breakup

Spoiler: you do not really need your ex back

In fact, it's the first thing I usually tell my clients during consultations. You do not want to get back a person who rejected you and demonstrated their inability to properly estimate you.

This is why the pain from the breakup is insufferable

But the problem is, our biology works in such a way that sometimes we physically can't tolerate the idea that someone who was close to us is now far away, probably having fun with some other 'friend'. The thought of this causes physical pain. Some psychologists do not understand that. They focus their efforts on working with mental pain, but they have no clue that the pain from the breakup is physical.
When the hormonal connections you had with your couple are being destroyed, the experience you're going through is close to amputation. It's like you're losing your limb.

The only real treatment you need

What is the best treatment for such a trauma? Maybe it's some conversations with your psychologist about the meaning of life? About letting people go because you truly love them? Bullshit. The only treatment is to either re-attach your old missing limb or to find another one.

So, what we're doing here is basically patching your damaged body and mind so you could stop being anxious and nervous - not after a year or two, but now.
So you will have an opportunity to turn your brains on and think. You can't use your brain at its full potential when you're literally bleeding out in agony. It's impossible. And it's actually very easy to achieve.

This is how you can get your ex back

To get your ex back, you must restore the Power Balance. With this strategy, you cannot lose: when you become stronger and center your life around improving yourself, you literally cannot lose. Because, in the end, no matter what happens with the world around you, your life will be improved. You will become more attractive. As you're restoring the balance, your ex will go through 5 stages of the ignoring process. It's inevitable. It's not some theory, this is how our brain works.
A happy couple after reunion
When you understand how easy it is to get your ex back, you can stop, think for a while, and, if you want, find another partner. The one who will never betray you. Yes, it's possible. And it's actually our main goal on the way of strength - to establish a community of like-minded people. To establish a family.
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