The Golden solution to a love triangle

S. Smith
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The best way to defeat your rival and get your partner back


You will learn:

1. The only working way of winning in a love triangle situation
2. Two ways of quitting the love triangle in a spectacular way
3. What should you do after you quit

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A typical love triangle situation involves three people who are romantically interested in one another. One person is the object of desire, and the other two are competing for their affection. This often leads to jealousy, resentment, and other negative emotions, as the two rivals try to win the person over.

The only way to win a love triangle situation

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In many cases, the person at the center of the love triangle holds all the power and controls the situation. They can choose to pursue one of the rivals, or they can play both off against each other. This can be a toxic and manipulative dynamic, and it can lead to a lot of emotional pain and heartache for all involved.

If you find yourself stuck in a love triangle, one of the best solutions is to quit it. This may seem counterintuitive, and it's certainly not an easy thing to do. After all, we are naturally drawn to things that are difficult to obtain. When someone is not readily available, they become more desirable in our eyes. This is why it can be so hard to walk away from a love triangle, even when it's the right thing to do.

However, despite the difficulty, quitting the love triangle is still the best solution. In any relationship, there is a power balance at play. It is a measure of how much each partner is emotionally invested in the relationship. When one partner has an affair, it means that they are in a "strong" position in this relationship. They are seeking emotional fulfillment from someone outside of the relationship, which means they are not fully committed to their current partner. Remember: a relationship is controlled by a partner who is less emotionally involved.

By removing yourself from the situation (and a weak position as a result), you are taking control of your own emotional well-being. You are no longer competing for someone else's attention, and you are no longer at the mercy of their actions. Instead, you are focusing on yourself and your own happiness. This allows you to become a stronger and more confident person, which can be very attractive to the person you're interested in.

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The two spectacular ways to quit the love triangle

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One option is to simply walk away from the situation without saying a word. This is a very confident and decisive move, and it sends a clear message to the person you're interested in. By removing yourself from the situation, you are showing that you are not willing to put up with their behavior and that you are focused on your own happiness. This can be very attractive to someone who is used to being in control of the relationship.

But the best option is to give them a little drama...So, you two will have a wonderful date. Yes, you heard me right. An awesome and expensive dinner, or even a weekend trip. Everything is fine, you're having fun...it seems. And then, when their emotional state is at the top (they really believe that they can have it all with two persons fighting for them), you're saying: "look...it was a good journey. I wanted to spend this time with you to forever remember it. But... this situation with your new 'friend'...This is not for me. It's over". And then refuse to elaborate - it's not your job. The best answer to all their following questions is "I am not ready to discuss this now". After it, you're entering the no contact or starting the ignoring strategy. Practise shows it's the most effective way to quit the love triangle - because they will be thinking about this 'date' for a long time.

Both of these options will demonstrate that you are in control of the situation and that you are not willing to put up with the person's behavior. It will also make a lasting impression on the person.

Should you confront your rival?

Sometimes we all forget who we are. We get caught up in our daily routines and responsibilities, and we lose sight of what makes us unique and special. It is important to take time for ourselves and remember our true identities, so that we can be our best selves and live happy and fulfilling lives. Let me help you remember who you truly are:
You are confident and independent
You deserve a loving partner
You do not participate in stupid games
Every single day of your life you're becoming stronger
I know that this is true because you've found this website. You've passed the test. This is the place of power, and you are here because you've been drawn to it. There's no way back.

When you find yourself stuck in a love triangle, it's easy to become overwhelmed by stress, frustration, and jealousy. You may be tempted to fight with your rival for your partner's affection or to try and force them to stop communicating with your partner. But in reality, this is not a healthy or effective way to handle the situation.

The truth is, your rival may not even be aware of your existence. They may think your partner is single, and there is nothing you can do to stop them from communicating without committing a crime. Even if your rival agrees to stop interacting with your partner, your partner may still resent you for trying to control their behavior. This will shift the power balance in their favor, and lower your attractiveness in their eyes.

In some cases, your partner may even expect you to participate in this "stupid game" and fight for their affection. But the real solution to your relationship problems is to simply walk away. By quitting the love triangle, you can restore the power balance and become more attractive to your partner. This may be a difficult decision, but it is the best thing you can do for your happiness and well-being.

Furthermore, by quitting the love triangle, you become more attractive to the person you're interested in. When you're no longer available, you become a challenge and a mystery, which can be very appealing to someone who is used to having you at their beck and call. Additionally, by showing that you are not willing to put up with their infidelity, you are demonstrating that you are a strong and confident person. This can be very attractive to someone who is used to being in control of the relationship.


Key Points

One person in a love triangle typically holds all the power and controls the situation...But we're going to change that
The best way to get out of a love triangle is to quit it and focus on restoring the power balance which will make you more attractive to the person you are interested in
After quitting, consider using the no contact method or the ignoring strategy
A love triangle indicates the problematic nature of your partner...Think twice before continuing this particular relationship

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