The Hidden Truth About Love Triangles

Savva Smith
Entrepreneur, Coach


How to Spot, Prevent, and Overcome Love Triangles in Your Relationship


You will learn:

How to identify the key indicators of a person likely to create a love triangle
What to do when faced with a love triangle situation in your relationship
Have you ever found yourself tangled in a love triangle, wondering how you ended up in such a complicated situation? In this article, I'll uncover the reasons why people create love triangles and reveal the telltale signs to watch out for. Plus, you'll learn the golden solution to prevent breakups and protect your relationship from these destructive patterns.

The Red Flags: Identifying Love Triangle Creators

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1. Social Media Dependence
Those who create love triangles often have an unhealthy reliance on social media platforms. They need constant validation in the form of likes, comments, and shares, and cannot function without this digital attention. Be cautious if your partner seems excessively attached to their online presence, as this could indicate a deeper need for external validation.

2. Large Friend Circle of Preferred Gender
Pay attention to your partner's friendships, especially those with their preferred gender. Love triangle creators often surround themselves with potential romantic interests, using these connections to boost their self-esteem and gain validation. If your partner has an unusually large number of friends from their preferred gender, it could be a warning sign.

3. Varied Moral Standards
Contrary to popular belief, love triangle creators aren't always individuals with low moral standards. In fact, even seemingly modest and reserved people can engage in such behavior. Don't be misled by appearances – anyone could potentially create love triangles, regardless of their demonstrated moral values.

Why love triangles form: the dependence on external validation

Understanding the root causes of love triangles is essential to preventing and resolving them. One of the primary reasons people create love triangles is the thrill of receiving validation and attention from multiple sources, and nothing feeds this desire more than witnessing several people competing for their attention.

By pitting potential partners against each other, the person at the center of the love triangle experiences a surge of self-worth and satisfaction, causing their dopamine levels to soar sky-high. This dynamic is intoxicating and addictive for the individual orchestrating the love triangle, as it provides a constant stream of validation, fueling their desire to maintain such situations.

The effective solution to a love triangle situation

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Can we prevent these individuals from cheating? Based on my experience and practice - yes, by using the golden solution to love triangle situations and maintaining the essential power balance. Keep in mind that if they're already cheating on you, only drastic and effective measures like enforcing a no contact rule can help. But ultimately, it's always better to find someone who will genuinely value and cherish you.


Key Points

Learn to identify love triangle creators: recognize key signs, such as social media dependency, numerous friends from their preferred gender, and varying moral values. Keep in mind that there are many more indicators, which we will explore in future articles.
To prevent love triangle situations, maintain the power balance within the relationship and consider drastic measures like "no contact" when necessary.
Focus on finding someone who genuinely values you, rather than attempting to change a person prone to creating love triangles