THE Post-BREAKUP super-power

Savva Smith
Entrepreneur, Coach


How to use a breakup to change your life forever and achieve anything


You will learn:

1. How to use your breakup as a turning point - and change your life forever
2. The hidden super-power that breakups give to people - and they do not know it

Today you will do something impossible

And no, we're not getting your ex back (it's not that hard actually, according to our practice).

You'll pretend - for a moment, that your breakup is actually the best moment in your life that can help you achieve all your dreams - the thing most people will never do in their entire lives. And it doesn't matter how old you are.

So, let's pretend, that the universe did this to you because of a certain reason, and let's try to find this reason.

Why it is so hard to improve

a man climbing a mountain watching a sun rise
There are certain systems in your brain that limit your ability to change. To learn new things. To improve yourself. These systems exist because change is always dangerous. It's always risky to leave your comfort zone. Especially when you have a stable relationship and a good source of income. If both of these are true, these systems start blocking your activities.

The limbic system: "The cave is good. Do not leave the cave. Warm partner and food are all you need."

That's why the path of improvement is always such a difficult path.

What happens to your body and mind after a breakup

A hand holds a broken heart made from paper
Now guess what happens after you experience a breakup: Your body, your brain, your lizard brain, your limbic system, they understand, that, as a biological unit, they have made an ultimate mistake. You've been rejected. You have a threat now, that your genes will be removed from humanity's gene pool. And these systems do not care if you have kids, the lizard brain doesn't care. It just knows that you've been rejected.

And, since it's the most powerful thing in your body, it does the impossible. It lifts all the safety checks, and all the precautions you have in your body against a change. Because if you do not change now, you will not survive...The news is, you're in god mode now, my friend. Ignore the pain and suffering. Feel the ancient strength flowing through you.
You can actually feel it, I assure you.

How to use the post-breakup super-power

With this power, nothing is impossible. You can implement all your dreams.
And I mean it - all of them: new personal health standards, a new physical form,
a new business, new people who will truly love you, - anything you want. I am talking about hundreds of cases when people used their breakups as a turning point that I personally know, by experience. This is not a theory.

With this power, you can outperform any human being, living around you in a 'happy' relationship. Why would they need to reach for new horizons, if their biological task is completed? Their brains are locked. But not your brain.

Just look at them...You might think that they're happy, that their relationships are stable. Their future is bright. But in reality - it is not. It's full of peril. Look at the divorce statistics for your region. We're living in the dark ages, my friend. And they do not know...

But you - you know this. You lived through this, just like I did 7 years ago. You know that life is not that simple. It is not as bright as we thought. Even your closest one can betray you and leave you. Nothing worse can happen to you after this moment.

So there's no way down, only up.
This power, that was given to you...It's not an accident. Do not mistake it. You have been given this power by this universe, by god, so you can change the world around you. So you could change yourself.

And you will do it. I am sure of it. This is just the beginning.

I asked you to pretend that your breakup is actually the best moment in your life. There's no need to pretend. It's the reality.

Take care.
Become stronger.


Key Points

A breakup can be a difficult and painful experience, but those who are resilient and brave will use it to their advantage - and will become stronger.
Most people have no clue that a breakup gives them superpowers. But you - you know this. Use this power wisely.