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The Best Way To Check Whether Your No Contact Strategy Is Highly Efficient


You will learn:

Five reasons why people fail their no contact
How to check if your no contact is efficient
How to make your no contact more powerful and get results faster
"Can we talk, please!? Respond!" from your ex is what you usually want to see on your phone's screen when it's been a few months after the breakup and they're still silent. It's not a rare case to receive such a message in the middle of the night for those who use no contact in the most powerful and efficient way.

If you are currently in no-contact, if you're doubting its efficiency, if you're worried about your ex not coming back to you, you can now check yourself and reassess your strategy: the majority of clients who noticed the signs listed below in the behavior of their exes got their results. If you do not see any of these, do not worry: it might be an early stage of no contact (is not defined by the time passed after the breakup, but by a multitude of factors such as: if your ex left you for someone else). But, if you see even one sign from the list, you can be sure: you are getting closer to victory.

So, your implementation of the no-contact method is working if...

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You are not monitoring your ex's social media profiles
Sometimes it's just impossible not to open their Instagram or Facebook page. Some people are doing it every single day. But, if you noticed that it's been a month since the last time you opened their profile - good.

It will be challenging to maintain mental stability when you see they receive a like or a comment from a stranger, or when a new 'friend' joins their list. You'll want to contact or text your ex, which will ruin your chances of getting them back. No-contact is aimed at restoring the balance of power, the balance of value. This implies recovery of your mental health. This is by far the most important benefit of this method. You should not monitor your ex - it's useless.
You feel better
Any improvement indicates that you are on your way to victory. The primary objective of no contact is not to get your ex back, but to help you heal. To help you regain your strength and independence. Your attractiveness, appeal, and irresistible magnetism will be mere side effects.
Your ex pings you
This shows that your no-contact strategy is working. However, no-contact doesn't require pings to work. Your ex may be silent for months and then show up at your door if you're doing no-contact properly. Ping messages are used by your ex to test your availability. Don't think it's a sign that they're trying to reconnect.

Basic examples of pings:

Your ex
  • ...asks your friends and family about you
  • ...puts up a sad post on social media about the breakup
  • ...posts a picture with you, or with your gift
  • ...likes your post on social media
  • ...asks you for some minor help
  • ...texts you that they miss you
You are not afraid to ignore your ex
If you want to be truly effective, you can use the ignoring strategy after their very first ping. Ignore it. That's it. Ignore all subsequent pings until your ex begins to show interest in getting back together.
Your ex visits "your places"
We're not talking about stalking (although in some cases your ex might literally appear at your doors). If you see your ex at your favorite cafe, park, or cinema center indicates that your no contact is working and they're trying to meet you (usually, without the desire to make the first step).
The power of information lies in your hands. You don't have to worry if you know how things will develop. Do not doubt yourself. You can do it.

Take care.
Become stronger.


Key Points

If your ex pings you, your no contact is most likely working, although the absence of pings doesn't indicate a failure
The most important sign of your effectiveness is: you feel better, even in the slightest way
To be truly effective, think about transforming your no contact into the ignoring strategy because responding to pings doesn't really make sense