The Top Methods That Will Not Help You Forget Your Ex

Savva Smith
Entrepreneur, Coach


What is the commonest piece of post-breakup advice?

Most of the time, it's one of these:
Accept that the breakup is the right thing
Learn to let go and move on
Find a hobby
All of these are just words that do not really help. Although they may sound good and inspire you for a few moments, they don't really change anything. Actions and practice, that's what is going to help you.

When your ex leaves you, it's a common idea to use the Internet to find a solution to your pain and suffering. Someone has surely experienced what you are going through. Maybe a stranger will have a solution on how to recover after the breakup...

I saved some time for you and made a list of typical solutions you can find online:

Comprehensive list of suggestions that will not help you forget your ex:
Start hitting the gym
Start hiking. Nature heals!
Start traveling
Find a new hobby
Find some new friends
Create a list of all the positives/negatives of your ex
Throw away all belongings of your ex
Start dating
Start meditating
Readjust your mindset - it's so easy!
Do you know what all these approaches have in common? They can only temporarily ease your pain a little. Nothing more.

Why is it so painful when your loved one leaves you?

  • The pain is PHYSICAL
You had hormonal connections with your loved one. When these connections are destroyed, you feel physical pain.

  • A new unfinished GESTALT
When your loved one leaves you, you're suffering from an unfinished gestalt as well.
It cannot be easily closed.
Hiking, traveling, hitting the gym, meeting friends, meditating, dating - these activities can help you live a more fulfilling life. But they will not help you forget your ex.

The information you can find on the Internet is often published by those who like to create theories. Who enjoy teaching and coaching. It's a rare case when you find an article or a video crafted by a person who practices what he or she preaches. Be careful.