How Can I Get My Ex Back?

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How to stop worrying and being anxious


You will learn:

Two simple steps of relationship and self-recovery you can implement right now
Why it's so important to stop chasing your ex
The pain from a breakup is not only emotional, it's physical as well - this is due to the hormonal connections you have with your partner. This is why it can feel as though you've literally lost a part of yourself. Your whole body resists being rejected.

When a relationship ends, it can be incredibly difficult to accept the loss and move on. Getting your ex back can be difficult after a recent breakup, but there are some basic steps you can take to improve your chances. Remember, however, that there is no guarantee that you can rekindle your relationship, and it may not be the best thing for either of you.

Note: this is a simple, short article describing basic actions.

The only reason why couples break up

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The balance of power in a relationship refers to the level of dependence between partners, which can shift over time in response to conflicts, everyday situations, arguments, or debates. Keeping this balance in check is crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship.

What many online coaches may not tell you is that the primary goal of the ignoring strategy and no contact is not to get your ex back. These methods/strategies/tools are actually designed to restore your sense of power and control in the relationship, which will in turn increase your attractiveness in the eyes of your ex. When your ex leaves you, you are at a power disadvantage and you're usually anxious, angry, or jealous. You feel the need to rebuild what was broken, while your ex does not care.

Think back to when your relationship was going well. Remember how caring your partner was and all the good moments you shared together. Now try to estimate the level of power you had at that time. It's likely that it was close to 50%, or possibly a little higher or lower. Then, something changed, maybe after a month or a couple of years...You started to feel a distance between you. Conflicts arose and it seemed as though it was your responsibility to initiate peace talks, change, and improve yourself. But as you tried to do this, your partner put more distance between you, and the power balance shifted. You lost control, your attraction level dropped, and your loved one left you.

The first basic step of recovery

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You can't get them back if you're still hurt. So, one of the first things you can do after a breakup is very simple: stop monitoring your ex's social media. Constantly checking their profile, pictures, and updates can only cause more heartache and pain. It's hard to improve your position and move on when you're constantly reminded of the past and the person you used to be in a relationship with. Any "like" they receive will make your pulse race.

The second step of recovery

Another important step is to stop initiating contact with your ex. This means no texting, calling, or reaching out to your ex in any way. This can be difficult, especially if you still have feelings for them, but it's important to give them space. During this time, you should focus on yourself and your own well-being. Your past relationship should not remain at the forefront of your emotional focus. This is the key to success. It will also give them the opportunity to miss you.

Why it's important to stop chasing your ex

When you stop communicating with your ex, you're taking a strong stance. Your ex may think they have control over how you interact with them. They may assume you will respond to their messages or calls whenever they want, like on their birthday or Christmas. But by cutting off communication, you're showing them that they no longer hold that power. Imagine the shock they will feel.

Not only that, but the "no contact" and "ignoring" strategies also help you avoid making mistakes in communicating with your ex. When you don't communicate, you can't say or do something that shows them how deeply you're hurting. If you demonstrate weak behavior, the power balance between you will not be restored.

Stop texting, calling, or chasing your ex. Strong people don't chase. Especially they do not chase those who are unable to see their true value. Your ex made a mistake in letting you go. Do not chase them.

You are strong

The good news is that you found this website. This website is a place of strength and power. The weak can't find it, nor can they stay here. If you are here, you have this ancient fire inside of you. If you have it, the completion of the task of getting your ex back or establishing a new, healthy relationship is not even a challenge. It will be a consequence of finding your true potential.
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Forget about all the external factors, forget about your friends who try to tell you what to do, and forget about your previous relationships that never worked. It's all about you, and your strength.

If we summarize, the most effective methods to get your ex back help you restore the power balance - and then, the relationship is restored as a result. As a side-effect. It's as simple as that.


Key Points

Two basic steps or recovery are very simple: stop watching their social media, stop texting or calling them.
Following that, the effective action typically involves employing one of these strategies: no contact, ignoring, or distancing.
Being there for them will not make them miss you.