How Can I Get My Ex Back?

How to stop worrying and being anxious

Your ex is leaving you and it might seem the situation is desperate
The pain from the breakup is not only emotional, it's physical - because of the hormonal connections you have with your partner. That's why sometimes it feels like you've literally lost a part of your body. Your whole nature protests to being rejected.

So, how can we stop worrying and being anxious after a breakup?
Well, one way is to take action: try some of the methods people suggest to you on the Internet: hitting the gym, traveling, meditating. There's one disadvantage: these methods do not really work. They can only temporally reduce the amount of pain you experience. Sometimes it takes years to forget your former partner. And then, you see her or his photo on social networks and feel the striking pain of loss again.

The only real way to stop worrying and being anxious is to avoid people or situations that remind you of your ex. No contact or the ignoring process work so well because they protect you from harmful information about things you cannot change. They help you recover and save your nervous system. To get your ex back, you need to become stronger and more attractive. And it's not about physical attractiveness, it's about the balance in your interactions.

The Only Reason Why Couples Break Up

The balance of power in a relationship is the level of dependence between one partner and another, which regularly shifts in favor of someone through conflicts, everyday situations, arguments or debates. Maintaining this balance is one of the key factors in a healthy relationship.

Online coaches probably did not tell you that, but the primary goal of the ignoring process and no contact is not to get your ex back. What these methods are actually doing is restoring your power position, automatically raising your attractiveness. When your ex leaves you, you're at the zero percent power level. You're not controlling the situation. You're anxious or angry, jealous. You need the relationship, your ex does not. You're trying to rebuild what was broken, and they do not care. You're texting or calling them, they do not respond.

Now, remember the time when everything was great. Remember how caring your partner was. Remember all the good moments you've experienced together.
Now try to estimate the level of power balance you had. The fact is, it was not at the zero level. It was near 50%, maybe at a little higher or lower level. And then, something changes. It happens after a month, or after a couple of years. You feel some distance between you. You're facing your first conflict with your couple. And it appears, that, for some mysterious reason, it's your job now to initiate peace talks, and 'to make things right', and 'to change and improve yourself'. It's only your job, and your partner puts even more distance between you. And so the power balance shifts, you're losing control, the level of attraction drops, and your loved one leaves you.

Why It's Important To Stop Chasing Your Ex

When you stop communicating with your ex, you're basically taking a strong position.
Your ex thinks they control interactions between you. They can text you or message you whenever they want, and you will respond. They also expect getting calls from you - on their birthday, or Christmas. And then, you stop initiating the communications and responding to their initiative. Imagine their shock.

No contact and the ignoring process help you avoid making mistakes in communicating with your ex. If you do not communicate, you can't say or do something that shows them how seriously hurt you are. If you demonstrate weak behavior, the power balance will not be restored. Your ex will have no reason to get back to you because they left you precisely because of your weak position.

Stop texting or calling your ex. Stop chasing them. Strong people do not chase. They especially do not chase people who are not capable of valuing them. Your ex has made a mistake - they failed to see your true potential.

This Is Why You Are Strong

The good news is that you found this website. This website is a place of strength and power. The weak can't find it, nor can they stay here. If you are still here, you have this ancient fire of power inside of you. Inside of your soul. If you have it, the completion of the task of getting your ex back is not even a challenge. It will be a consequence of finding your true potential.
The secret of a stable relationship is in the balance
Forget about all the external factors, forget about your friends who try to tell you what to do, and forget about your previous relationships that never worked. It's all about you, and your strength.

If we summarize, the most effective methods to get your ex back help you restore the power balance - and the relationship is restored as a result. As a side-effect. It's as simple as that.
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