How Do I Make My Ex Notice My Absence?

Savva Smith

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Techniques to Make Your Ex Long for Your Return


You will learn:

The primary action needed to induce nostalgia in your ex partner
The crucial elements influencing the duration before your ex starts missing you
Reasons why your ex might maintain silence and not initiate contact post-breakup
It's a unique torment to feel invisible, more so to someone who once held you as their center. Your mind churns with questions, the loudest of which is - how do you make your ex notice your absence? Navigating the labyrinth of post-breakup dynamics is far from easy, but you don't have to do it alone. I have crafted a short guide brimming with powerful techniques and strategies (that are NOT "magical" texts or calls, nor surprises) to help you stoke the fires of curiosity and rekindle the flame in your ex's heart. Thousands of people are using them to restore their relationships right now, as we speak. So, how can you make your absence felt?

Why "mainstream" attempts to reignite attraction usually fail

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The key to understanding how attraction works, and how to make your ex miss you, lies in understanding why mainstream methods—promoted in media, Hollywood movies—often not only fail but can further degrade the relationship, thus diminishing the chances of reconciliation. You're probably familiar with this classic narrative:

"A hard-working man is overly focused on his job, striving to provide his family with the highest standards of life. Meanwhile, his partner feels unappreciated and demands more time 'for herself.' The man attempts to rectify the situation, but she leaves him for some jerk. The man then fights to win back her affection, making grand gestures, 'changing,' 'improving,' all sorts of humiliating actions. In the end, they reunite."

This storyline, of course, is misleading. As we've discussed earlier, breakups occur due to a lack of attraction (this sounds stupidly simple, right?). And the attraction diminishes the moment an imbalance arises in the relationship. The instant you occupy a weaker position in the relationship - becoming more emotionally invested or dependent than your partner - the imbalance grows, and attraction fades. The story you've frequently seen in movies doesn't describe how to recover your relationship; it details how to dig a deeper grave. If your partner leaves you, and you try to win them back using facts and logic, you essentially weaken your position further, which completely extinguishes the attraction.

With all of this in mind, let's discuss how to make your ex miss you.

How to ensure your ex misses the irreplaceable you

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Why might you get the impression that they don't miss you? Mostly it's because they indeed don't feel your absence during the early days post-breakup. They're aware that if they text or call you, it would probably make your day, and you'd likely welcome them back if they desired to reconcile. The momentum of the breakup, where they leave and you try to salvage the relationship, is impactful: in their mind, they anticipate you'll chase, and if you don't, they assume you're suppressing the desire to do so. They believe that within a week or two, you'll contact them again. They don't take this seriously. Their confidence hinges on how long you've tried to mend the relationship using ineffective methods.

So, how do we alter this dynamic? Right now, they are in a position of power: they made the decision to leave, and all you can do is accept their choice. For now, your desire to continue the relationship is not relevant to them. You're in a weak position. Any action from this position will be seen as neediness and will diminish any remaining attraction (it may not have completely faded), extending the recovery process. To make recovery possible and to allow the attraction to grow again, we need to operate from equal positions. They aren't calling or texting you, so why should you do the same? Stop. Level the playing field. They've withdrawn their effort, and you should too. They wanted to leave? Okay. They won't have you in their life anymore: you're going no contact.

Initially, they may assume, as usual, that this is a temporary tactic designed to prompt them to reach out. However, as time passes, your value in the eyes of your ex will begin to increase, and the spark of attraction will start to reignite. They will genuinely start to worry. Nostalgia will kick in. As experience shows, they usually reach out eventually. It will be their turn to wonder whether you've moved on or not. This is what I call "dominance inversion in relationships." It is the moment when the power balance in your relationship shifts in your favor. The exact moment when they start missing you and feeling nostalgic depends on the level of imbalance at the time of the breakup. It's typically necessary to thoroughly analyze your situation to estimate this moment.

But what if a long time has passed since the breakup and your ex still doesn't reach out?

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There are a few factors that can affect their behavior while you're in no contact:
Your ex is a bit stubborn
There was a significant amount of imbalance at the time of the breakup (especially, if you resorted to begging your ex to come back)
Your ex is in a rebound relationship
All of this merely prolongs the process. So, they will still experience nostalgia and will begin to miss you, it will just happen a bit later.

I hope your situation is clearer now. The more you expand your knowledge of relationship psychology, the less post-breakup anxiety you'll experience, and the greater your chances of establishing a happy, fulfilling relationship. This is an achievable task. I am confident that in the near future, you will look back at yourself and think: "What a journey! I now know hundreds of times more than my younger self did!" If you're currently in a no contact situation, and you want to make sure it's effective, be sure to get the updated version of my short no contact guide for free - simply enter your email below to get instant access:


Key Points

To genuinely sense your absence, your ex needs to experience what life is like without you always being around
The point of time at which they begin to miss you depend on the degree of imbalance between you two at the time of the breakup
An extra element that may extend the process is a rebound relationship