Will No Contact Work Second Time?

Savva Smith

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Can the No Contact Strategy Be Efficient When Applied Multiple Times?


You will learn:

The phenomenon that dramatically alters how your ex perceives you post-breakup
Uncover the secret recipe for turning your absence into an irresistible bait that leaves your ex yearning
The mechanics behind deploying no contact not once, but multiple times, and how this strategy can astonishingly multiply the forces pulling your ex back into your orbit
Picture this: You are at the very brink of desperation, the silent void left by your ex consuming you. You muster the courage to reach out, only to be met with a resounding silence. The chills down your spine signal the end...or is it?

What happens when you break your no contact?

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To truly grasp the whirlwind unleashed when your emotions take over and you barrage your ex with messages and calls, we must first delve into a pivotal concept: subjective value. Here’s the raw truth: when love crumbles, those sterling qualities - your ravishing looks, irresistible charm, affluence, and talents - that once had your partner starry-eyed, suddenly seem inconsequential to them. Why? Your subjective value plummets to ground zero.

This means, in your ex’s perception, you’re stripped of your allure. Whether you're the epitome of Hollywood charm like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, or as iconic as Napoleon, it's futile if your ex morphs into a disenchanted Josephine.

In the most harrowing scenarios, your ex's emotions towards you morph into a swirling tempest of rage, disdain, or bitterness. This seismic shift makes it feel as if the love you shared was but an illusion, leaving you questioning if their affection was ever genuine.
This initial recoil often blindsides people, leading them to believe their ex is forever lost in a maze of disdain, never to find the path back to attraction. However, this is far from the reality of the situation. Let me explain.

The hidden alchemy of no contact: unlock the mysteries that 99% of heartbroken souls never unravel

Red graph depicting the recovery of your subjective value leading up to the reunion during a period of no contact
Let's assume that you started your no contact phase in February. Your subjective value begins to slowly recover. If you're consistent with your strategy and maintain the no contact, it will continue to grow. As a result, your attractiveness will also grow.

In the picture above, you can see a point that represents the level of your subjective value when they text you something like, "Why don't you call me?" or "Why don't you text me?" Further up, there's another level where they admit they made a mistake and are finally ready to reunite with you. This is what I call a strong position. But what happens when the urge to reach out to your ex becomes too strong to resist and you end up sending them a message or even a gift?
Red graph illustrating the recovery of your subjective value, blue line indicating a decline in value when you break no contact
It is a common experience, and it is usually driven by a mix of emotions such as loneliness, regret, nostalgia, and hope. Deep down, people know that their gesture is unlikely to change their ex's mind or bring them back, but they may still hold onto a glimmer of hope for a miracle. Here's what happens: (Take a look at the blue line in the picture above) - it causes a setback in your progress toward recovery and reconciliation.

In some cases, when people resort to begging, pleading, or displaying excessive levels of desperation to their ex, it can even completely reset their progress. Some people may reach a point where they feel so helpless or defeated in their efforts to recover from a breakup that they simply give up. This leads to prolonged suffering as well as missed opportunities for personal growth and happiness. But, is breaking no contact really a fatal mistake that can irreparably damage your chances of reconciliation?

This is how restarting the no contact method actually works

While it can certainly harm your progress and prolong the healing process, it is not a death sentence for your hopes of getting back with your ex. You can restart your strategy, and if you're consistent with it this time, your subjective value will eventually begin to grow again and you will achieve your goal:
Red graph demonstrating the renewed rise of your subjective value upon entering a second period of no contact
People break "no contact" all the time, but if they find the strength to implement it again, they achieve success. Of course, if you break it several times, or resort to begging, it will seriously impact the progress of your subjective value, and the time needed for recovery will be significantly prolonged. To turbocharge your results and gain a mastery of the no contact strategy and relationship nuances, make sure to get my “No Contact Guide” - simply enter your email below for an express lane to a swift recovery process:


Key Points

Post-breakup, your allure dips to an all-time low in your ex’s eyes. No Contact can reignite this, gradually rebuilding your magnetism
Re-engaging no contact showcases genuine transformation, rekindling your ex’s longing, while putting you in a position of strength
Speed up the healing and re-attraction process by arming yourself with a treasure trove of insights from the “No Contact Guide”