Why Your Ex Doesn't Care And How To Regain Their Attention

Savva Smith
Entrepreneur, Coach


Why Logic and Words Aren't Enough To Get Your Ex Back


You will learn:

The underlying reasons why your ex disregards your words and logic after a breakup.
Which relationship recovery strategies to implement that will make your ex care and reconsider their decision.
Have you ever wondered why your ex seems not to care after a breakup? When someone who once promised to love and stay with you forever suddenly leaves, it's a shock to the system. But understanding the dynamics of attraction and power balance can help you regain their attention. So, how do you affect their feelings and make them understand?

The Problem: Fading Attraction and Changing Subjective Value

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Having experienced a painful breakup myself 7 years ago, I understand the emotions involved. I remember feeling surprised, but later realized it was because I hadn't paid attention to the changing levels of attraction and my perceived value in the relationship. With the knowledge and experience I have now, I wouldn't be caught off guard.

When working with clients, we can sometimes predict an impending breakup months before it occurs. An ex often gradually prepares for a breakup, building up their resolve, and courage, and gathering arguments to justify their decision. However, their decision is ultimately emotional. They don't leave you because of your objective value; they leave you because of the subjective value you hold in their eyes. This process is closely tied to the power balance dynamic within the relationship. When the balance of power shifts, one partner feels less attracted to the other, leading to the end of the relationship.

The Solution: Affecting Feelings, Not Logic

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To make an ex understand, we must affect their feelings, not their understanding. In long-term relationships, bribing them with gifts or surprises won't work as well. Instead, restoring the power balance is crucial. The most effective methods include no contact, the ignoring strategy, and, if you can't stop interactions, distancing. All of them are based on limiting your availability and shifting your emotional focus away from the past relationship.

1. No contact
This strategy involves cutting off all communication with your ex, but assumes you responding to their messages or calls.

2. Ignoring strategy
Similar to no contact, the ignoring strategy involves not responding to your ex's attempts to check your availability (pings).

3. Distancing
If you can't stop interactions with your ex (for example, if you have children together or work together), distancing involves limiting your availability and shifting your emotional focus away from the past relationship. Distancing is a strategy that necessitates meticulous planning tailored to each unique situation and heavily relies on the specific context.

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Key Points

The fading attraction and changing value in a relationship are closely linked to the power balance dynamic, which influences whether a partner stays or leaves.
Implementing strategies like no contact, ignoring, and distancing can help restore power balance, affect the ex's feelings, and pave the way for relationship recovery.